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by indias shower scene

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You wanna know what like… the best feeling, maybe of all time, definitely of all time, the best feeling of all time is when, ok. You know the blent you smoked this morning? The one you woked up to roll, that one ok. And then and you only smoked half of it ok and then you work all day long. You go to fucking work, you do your fucking job real fucking good. You’re like you’re the best. You do everything your boss asked of you. You, you are really fucking cordial with your co-workers. All the customers love you, all the custies come in and think you’re the greatest. You’re the greatest of all time. You worked all day long. In the end you come home and you smoke the other half of that blent. That’s the greatest feeling ever cause it’s just like so, it’s… this is some old head shit too! Like I’m a grown ass woman. I’m an adult and this is my life. That’s… huuh huuh. That’s the breakdown of my everyday life for y’all. This… incredible. My fabulous life. I’m about to get so fucking high. So high! Should I light it on camera? Should she light it on camera? Hell yeah she should light in on camera! Actually I can’t because I gotta… I’m using both of my hands on my phone. Ok. Oh my god that’s not me, I’m not that fat. Speaking of that I need to fucking work out but the thing is I feel like I walk so much like living here, you know? Like I just can’t, I don’t wanna work out. I wanna like… oh shit. I wanna like get back active like maybe like nobody wanna be in… no one wanna do… no one wanna play with me… no one wanna play volleyball with me. No one wanna play fucking nerd shit with me. Everybody just wanna… everybody I know just wanna get fucked up. I need some better friends. I need people who wanna do shit, you know? Like I don’t wanna fucking just get fucked up all the time. Like a waste of your life. I wanna be active, I wanna snowboard or whatever. Oh my, I’m so high already you guys. That’s the… this is the perks of life.


released May 17, 2017

tyler - production
tyler- guitars
tyler - voices
tyler - computers
tyler - words



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indias shower scene Gulfport, Mississippi

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